Natalie Knutzen


Last updated: February 23, 2021

In 2002, Natalie moved from the hometown of Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Stockholm (Sweden). Natalie had studied jazz guitar in college and vocal technique with private teachers and as such, her first occupation in Stockholm was as a private teacher for guitar and vocals and was also a session musician. Eventually, Natalie began writing original songs under the artist name of Natalie Beabella. After a few years of sharing music studios with producers, Natalie eventually decided to begin producing her own music – “why pay a producer, if I'm the one writing all the music and the arrangements. I just need to learn how to push the buttons”. This quickly grew into a full-time occupation along with Natalie’s artistry.

In 2010 Natalie funded a recording studio in central Stockholm, where she provides services such as mixing, production, recording, songwriting and artist coaching. Natalie works with many artists that range in genres – from more acoustic music to rock, pop, world, podcast, voice-overs, audiobooks and meditation music. 

Music produced by Natalie:
“Women from the Baltic Sea” by Elisif Norrman
“Affirmations” by Elisif Norrman

Projects & initiatives


Global Network for Women Music Producers

Designed in consultation with partners in countries from around the world, the program will help overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration.