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Natalia Perelman


Last updated: February 23, 2021

Natalia is a music producer, a pioneer among women dedicated to the technique of recording and mixing music in the studio. With 21 years of experience, she has worked in the main recording studios in Argentina with artists such as Gustavo Cerati, Charly García, Abel Pintos, Hilda Lizarazu, Teresa Parodi, Soledad Pastorutti, Victor Heredia, Liliana Herrero, León Gieco, La Bruja Salguero, Andrés Calamaro, El Canto del Loco (Spain), Ana Saeki (Japan), and Daniela Mercury (Brazil) among others.

Several of the albums recorded and mixed by her were gold and platinum records, or winners of the Carlos Gardel award, the highest award in the Argentine record industry. Currently, in addition to her work in the studio, she leads Red Multisonora (RMS), a non-profit civil association that seeks to promote the visibility and labor equity of women and non-conforming gender individuals in areas linked to sound.

Music produced by Natalia:
“Menesteres” by Gozh

Projects & initiatives

Global Network for Women Music Producers

Designed in consultation with partners in countries from around the world, the program will help overcome barriers in the music industry, and provide opportunities for support, discussion, networking and collaboration.