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Monique Léger

Last updated: June 16, 2021

Monique Léger’s career encompasses movement, dance, somatic research and poetry. A self-taught and itinerant artist, trained at the school of instinct and curiosity, she was a professional dancer for ten years with EDAM in Vancouver and one year with Meredith Monk’s The House in New York; she has worked with various choreographers and is herself a choreographer. She returned to Acadia in 2017 after 28 years working in the Canadian cultural sector. Drawn to self-renewal and the creative search for movement, sustained by 30 years of ongoing training in Judith Koltaï’s seminal work in Embodied Practice®, training with Monika Pagneux in Paris and various movement, anatomy and dance workshops with inspired teachers, she developed her signature approach, The Intelligence of Movement. She recently contributed to the film project Habiter le mouvement, un récit en dix chapitres by Béatriz Mediavilla and choreographer Thierry Thieu Niang.

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