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Micha Cromwell

Last updated: June 21, 2023

Micha Cromwell is a Robert Merritt Award Winner for an Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role. She has performed at the National Arts Centre, in Chasing Champions (Ship’s Company Theatre) and The Westwoods (Mulgrave Road Theatre). She performed the roles of Horatio and Ophelia in Hamlet (Below the Salt Theatre). Other theatre credits: Unity 1918 (Two Planks and a Passion Theatre), Macbeth (Two Planks and a Passion Theatre). She has worked on various TV productions including Diggstown (CBC), Mr. D (CBC) and season 2 of the award-winning limited series Studio Black! (CBC). Film credits include: Night Blooms(Shut up and Colour Productions) and A Walk in the Sun (Ubuntu Media). Micha is African Nova Scotian and a proud descendant of the Black Loyalists.

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