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General and Artistic Director, MAYDAY

Mélanie Demers


Last updated: December 23, 2021

A multidisciplinary artist, Mélanie Demers founded in Montreal her own dance company, MAYDAY, in 2007, exploring the powerful link between the poetical and the political. Les Angles Morts (2006), Sense of Self (2008), Junkyard/ Paradise (2010) and Goodbye (2012) have all been created from this perspective.  With MAYDAY remix (2014), she deepened her engagement with cross-genre works and hybrid forms. Her fascination with the interplay between word and gesture crystallized with WOULD (2015), which won the CALQ Prize for best choreography. In 2016, Mélanie Demers began a new creation cycle with Animal Triste and Icône Pop; both works are touring internationally. In 2017, Mélanie Demers was invited to work as a guest choreographer at the Skånes Dansteater in Malmö (Sweden) for the creation of Something About Wilderness in collaboration with Laïla Diallo. Now that the choreographic relay Danse Mutante has hit the stage, it is time for La Goddam Voie Lactée, Confession Publique (2021) and Cabaret Noir (2022) to enter the spotlight. To date, Mélanie Demers choreographed over thirty works and was presented across Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

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