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Matt Rogalsky

Last updated: October 20, 2020

Matt Rogalsky’s work in sonic arts includes live electronic music performance, sound/intermedia installation, and study/recreations of late 20th century live electronic music by David Tudor and other composers. His revisioning (with John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein) of the installation work Rainforest by Tudor and his group Composers Inside Electronics was acquired in 2017 by the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, for its permanent collection and is currently on exhibition in the newly redesigned MoMA. Other current work includes development of a collaborative dance piece with Vancouver-based choreographer Ahalya Satkunaratnam, and collaborative research with geographer Laura J Cameron focusing on soundscape, listening practices, and the life and work of early Canadian field recordist William WH Gunn. The Gunn project has resulted in several works of research-creation: the outdoor sound installations Octet (2016) and Into the Middle of Things (2017, with LJ Cameron), and the concert work Revisitation G (2018) make use of Gunn’s historical field recordings in exploration of his practice. Rogalsky’s ambisonic surround-sound remastering of Gunn’s classic monophonic environmental sound LP A Day In Algonquin Park was recently presented at the Park’s Wildlife Research Station, where Gunn was once Director, on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.
Rogalsky teaches at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where he leads the Sonic Arts Studio in the Dan School of Drama and Music.