Marie-Laurence Rancourt

Last updated: October 21, 2022

Investigator of our social worlds

Marie-Laurence Rancourt is interested in our different relationships to language, ideas, and the social world: she uses them as a starting point for imagining sensitive forms that favour ideas in motion. Her creations intermingle theoretical, artistic and personal references: it is at their crossroads that thoughts and ideas takes shape, fuelled by an artistic impulse. Her works tell, translate lives caught between intimate experiences, work and collective history. Through sound, dramatic and literary writing, she seeks constantly to narrate the complexity of our existence, convinced that the ordinary is a conduit to significant and profound experiences. She likes to (dis)place herself, to watch and listen to people live, to explore the meanings ascribed to the dignified walk of our lives, which yet are never orderly, never self-contained, always contradictory, constantly in search of freedom and driven by basic desires. Marie-Laurence is the founder of Magnéto, the place where she reflects, imagines and writes her various projects, inventing her territory through different practices (notably radio art, with Les travaux et les jours, La nuit Myra Cree, La punition, and L’écorce et le noyau, and theatre, with Aalaapi, Radio Live, and the upcoming L’écoute d’une émotion).

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