Marie Brassard

Last updated: October 25, 2022

Marie Brassard is an actress, director and author. In 2001, after working in close collaboration with Robert Lepage for 15 years in the theater and in films, she created her first solo show, Jimmy, as part of the Festival TransAmériques (FTA). The success of this work prompted her to start her own production company, Infrarouge and to begin a solo career. Since then, in collaboration with guest artists from different disciplines and origins, she has created surreal theatre with virtuoso acting skills and innovative video, light and sound installations.

In conjunction with her interdisciplinary stage work, over the years she has established an eclectic repertoire featuring pieces with shifting and overlapping time frames and multiple levels of storytelling. The shows produced by her company Infrarouge are often the fruit of scintillating dialogue with the composer Alexander MacSween, whose electronic music and atmospheres are an integral part of her stage vocabulary.

Her more recent directing work include Éclipse (2020) based on the work of women poets from the Beat generation, La vie utile by Evelyne de la Chenelière (2018) and La fureur de ce que je pense (2013) inspired by Nelly Arcan’s work.

The shows of Marie Brassard presented at the NAC:
March 2022: Violence
May 2017: La fureur de ce que je pense 
December 2010: Moi qui me parle à moi-même dans le futur 
April 2009: L’invisible 
December 2006: Peepshow 
November 2003: La noirceur 
December 2002: Jimmy, créature de rêve

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