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Marci T. House

Last updated: October 28, 2023

Marci T. House is an American/Canadian (Canerican) actress of stage, voice, film/tv, and also a producer. Hailing from the south-side of the city of Chicago, she now makes her home in Vancouver, BC in Canada. Marci is a NAACP Theater Award (Los Angeles) & Jessie Theatre Award (Vancouver, BC) nominated actress and set designer, and now works as a professional actor in both the U.S., and Canada. A graduate of Louisiana Tech University (B. Of Arch.), and the University of Illinois Chicago (MUPP), where she not only studied acting, but also studied architecture and urban planning, policy & design. Marci has also had a vast array of theatrical training with Diane Hardin (Young Actors Space-LA), Bill Duke (Actor’s Boot Camp-Miami & LA), Michele Lonsdale Smith (Lyric School of Acting-Vancouver, BC), and Susan Batson, Greg Braun, and Christian Contreras (Black Nexxus/Susan Batson Studios/New Collective Acting Studio –LA, NYC & Vancouver).