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Maïa Davies

Montreal · Quebec · Canada

Maïa Davies is an award winning singer-songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles, originally from Montreal, QC. Formerly a founding member of the Warner Music recording group Ladies of the Canyon, Maïa has released albums both in French and English as a solo artist. After a four-year mentorship with multi-award winning producer Gavin Brown, she has written a number of commercial radio hits and now started producing, artists such as Jill Barber (Outside Music), Mikhail Laxton (Acronym/Universal), Elle Wolf, Kasador.

Being well established in the Canadian music industry for over 15 years now, Maïa uses her platform to help today’s up and coming generations of artists, by mentoring and counselling them into finding a clear expression of their artistic identity.

Music produced by Maïa:
“The Drugs” by Mother Mother
“Hold On” by Mikhail Laxton
“Le monde est beau” by Jill Barber