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Headshot of Lucinda Davis ©
2015-16 English Theatre Ensemble

Lucinda Davis

Montreal, QC

Last updated: March 31, 2015

Lucinda Davis found her way into the profession through a weird twist of fate.  Timid and with virtually no acting background, she was called by mistake to audition for a leading role in a television series, and got the part.   Since then, she has amassed an impressive list of credits for stage, TV and film and has lent her voice for cartoons and video games.  Her past theatre credits include The Lady Smith, Harlem Duet and Random (Black Theatre Workshop); Beethoven Lives Upstairs (Geordie Productions); Richard III (Metachroma Theatre); Doubt: A Parable, The Madonna Painter, Intimate Apparel, and The Book of Bob (Centaur Theatre); and Top Girls (Segal Centre).  She is a co-founding member of Metachroma Theatre in Montreal, which addresses the under-representation of visible minority actors in Canadian Theatre, challenging current perceptions by telling stories with a diverse cast in order to normalize the presence of these artists on stage.  They had their inaugural production of Richard III in September 2012.    In October 2013, she won the Montreal English Theatre Award (META) for Outstanding Female Actor in the Professional Category for her work in Black Theatre Workshop's production of Harlem Duet

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