Lily Polowin

Last updated: April 23, 2024

Originally trained in classical piano, Lily is a communications and marketing strategist and loves crafting thoughtful and meaningful writing, whether for art of business. She first got a taste for the thrill of backstage while serving as piano accompanist for musical production. She currently finds great satisfaction in performing as a soprano in the Capital Chamber Choir, which led her back to the theatre in 2023 as a member of the chorus / cast for the NAC Dance’s production of Gregory Maqoma and Thuthuka Sibisi’s Broken Chord.

She believes the climate crisis calls on all of us, no matter our position in society, to stretch beyond our assumed limits to find new ways of living, expressing, and envisioning ourselves. She is grateful to the NAC for the opportunity to participate in this theatre-making project as an emerging playwright. She hopes that this project can be an impetus for everyday citizens to figure out what role they want to play in fixing our broken world. She is a proudly bilingual anglophone Quebecoise living in Val-Tetreau, Hull.

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