Musician, songwriter, composer

Lasso (Salif) Sanou

Last updated: May 27, 2024

Salif Sanou, known as Lasso, was born into a griot family established in Bwaba village
called Konkuy-Boho, in the province of Kossi in northwestern Burkina Faso. Being a griot
from father to son for several generations, he grew up in a world where music is at the heart
of life. He discovered very early on his talents for several african traditional instruments

and for singing. First introduced to percussion with the balafon, the doum-doums, the tam-
tam, the tamarind, the bara and the djembe, he continued his discovery of talents with the

chamaillé n'goni in 1999. In 2004, Lasso discovered an incredible passion and skill for the
Fulani flute (Mandingo flute or speaking flute), with his cousin and master Dramane
Dembélé. He quickly became one of the most gifted flutists and some of his friends even
called him “Las flûte”.
After playing for several years with renowned artists in Burkina Faso, Lasso arrived in
Quebec in 2009. He performed in several events including the opening of the Olympic
Games in Nanaimo (Vancouver), the Festival de la Musique de Québec, the benefit evening
for young world musicians and the Fête Nationale du Québec. He participated in street
theatrical events and shows in small venues, bars and cafes in addition to performing with
the Motus theater troupe for the internationally renowned play “Baobab”. He has also
accompanied several artists in various festivals including the Festival International Nuits
d'Afrique, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Francofolies. Lasso is also
part of other projects as a musician artist and founding member since 2016 of '' KUNÉ ''
Canada's Global Orchestra (from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto). A group
of 12 musicians from different nationalities in Canada. Two albums were released in April
2018 and in 2023.

As a singer-songwriter, he formed his own group in November 2009 called Lasso & SINI-
KAN (the voice of tomorrow). It shares a mix of several traditional instruments (balafon,

Fulani flute, kambélé n'goni, tamani, percussion) and modern sounds (vibraphone, drums,
guitar, bass). Together, they create harmony between traditional Mandinka music and
several other musical styles (jazz, blues, rock, reggae). Lasso created his own musical genre
: Fusion Reggae Afro Mandingue Métissé (F.R.A.M.M.). The group has performed many
times at Balattou (Montreal), Bobards (Montreal), Ninkasi du Faubourg (Quebec), Fou Bar

(Quebec), Agitée (Quebec), Mouton Noir (Baie -St-Paul), in the North-West (Trois-
Rivières) at Laval University (Quebec), at the Quebec Days of International Solidarity

(cégep de Victoriaville) as well as at several African village festivals. Lasso & Sini-Kan
has participated in several festivals including: l'Afrique en Fête (Québec), the Journées
d'Afrique festival (Trois-Pistoles), the Festival International Nuits d'Afrique and the
national holidays of Canada and Quebec. (Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal), the Mondo
Karnaval festival (Quebec), the Intercultural Week of Lévis Lauzon (Quebec) The African
Party in Inverness.

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