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Justin Johnson

Last updated: June 2, 2022

Justin Johnson or “Just J.” is a Montreal based performer of Jamaican and Canadian descent. You can catch him on CBC Gem’s new television show “Zoomizoom”. A bilingual children’s show developed around teaching younger audiences using both English and French. A regular on the Quebec theatre scene and a frequent collaborator with Black Theatre Workshop's many programs, readings, workshops and shows, Justin is excited to embark on this hip hop infused journey that deals with subject matter that is very personal and dear to his heart. At an early age, he lost his father to the tragedy that is police brutality. The lost opportunity of knowing his father has impacted his creative process and approach to life, but he has worked to turn pain into positivity as he uses his art as a tool to heal, explore and spread joy. Having studied Theatre at Dawson College in Montreal, and working closely with Montreal’s illustrious Black Theatre Workshop through their Artist Mentorship program, Justin fell in love with the process of charming audiences and making people smile. With a background in acting, directing, singing and dancing, multi-disciplinary powerhouse Just J. is also venturing  into a journey of music making as a Hip Hop artist.

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