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Jennifer Newnham

Last updated: February 7, 2023

Jennifer is very excited to be joining the team for Is God Is once again as a part of the stage management team. Jen had a hand or two in the first production of Is God Is in 2022, working with Ada and Emilie in the rehearsal hall, as well as working in the scenic paint department. As a technician who works in many departments in theatre, corporate and dance events, Jennifer has yet to meet a show she did not want to be a part of, and working on this wild ride of a show is no exception.

Many thanks to both Ada and Em, for the invitation to come join them in rehearsals of this show whenever they needed an extra hand.  Jen is thrilled to be a part of this revolutionary show's journey, and hopes you enjoy watching the show, as much as she enjoyed working on it.

Love always to Steve, Thom, Zoe, Joey and Sam

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