Headshot of Guillaume Chouinard © Marion Chuniaud Lacau

Guillaume Chouinard

Last updated: April 6, 2023

Guillaume Chouinard is a multidisciplinary performing artist. Originally trained as an actor, he soon gravitated to the movement arts: dance, mime and acrobatics. Early in his career he performed with DynamO Théâtre, and founded the company L’Ange à deux têtes with his associates Réal Bossé and Fred Teyssier. Since then, he has worked as a performer-creator with several other artists, including Brigitte Poupart, Dominique Champagne, Jean Asselin, Olivier Choinière and Hélène Langevin. An experienced improviser, he has taught at the École nationale de l’humour in Montréal for 15 years. More recently, Guillaume has focused on his career as a director and choreographer.

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