Eve Landry

Last updated: May 22, 2024

Eve Landry began her career mainly in theatre, working with such talented directors and artists as Benoît Vermeulen, Olivier Choinière, Marc Beaupré, René-Richard Cyr and Christian Lapointe. She was also directed by Sylvain Bélanger in Annick Lefebvre’s magnificent J’accuse, and appeared at Espace Libre in Bébés and at the TNM in Prélude à La nuit des rois.

Eve first attracted public attention with her role as Jeanne Biron in Unité 9. Younger audiences will remember her as the witch Liliwatt in Salmigondis. She went on to appear in M’entends-tu?ÉpidémieDoute raisonnable and District 31, and played prosecutor Gabrielle Laflamme in the new series À cœur battant. On the big screen, she appeared in Jean-Philippe Duval’s Dédé à travers les brumes. She was also cast in Louise Archambault’s Il pleuvait des oiseaux, and will appear in Lawrence Côté-Collins’ Bungalow.

In 2022, she hosted the Unis TV documentary series Quelles familles!, and appeared at the TNM and the Trident in the play Un ennemi du peuple, directed by Édith Patenaude. In 2023, she appeared in Alexia Bürger’s corde. raide at Espace GO.

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