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Elliott Doulet

Last updated: February 27, 2023

Elliott Doulet is a French-American soprano, 14 years old, who started his conservatory training in France. He took part in early childhood music programs in Marseille, where he experienced the joy of music in the context of a Provence conservatory. Then he studied basic principles of piano and music theory, in a two-year program at the Paris Conservatory at 8 years old. Singing was part of the curriculum and at age 9, his ‘chef de chorale’ pointed out Elliott’s nice vocal quality as he became a member of the child chorus. Following this early musical period, Elliott had a living experience in China where his parents were on diplomatic mission. During this time transitioning to a very different musical culture and language, Elliott continued to play on his piano at home . He experimented with his voice and the piano, being known by his friends to be fond of singing, and upon arriving at De La Salle Performing arts school in Ottawa he joined the chorus from the first year in 2022, where he was selected by a jury from CEAO (Centre d’Excellence Artistique de l’Ontario).