Artistic Leader / Choreographer 

Elle Sofe Sara

Last updated: February 12, 2024

Elle Sofe Sara is described as one of the most interesting and important choreographers in her generation in Norway. She grew up in and lives in Guovdageaidnu Finnmark. In addition to working as a choreographer, she has also made several award-winning short films and documentaries. She is currently working on a feature film, which will be the first feature film musical in Sámi language.

Sara’s work expands upon seemingly mundane, often overlooked areas of Sámi physicality—unspoken rituals that have escaped the vice grip of colonialism. Sara uncovers a space in which the past and the present coincide.

While her choreography is known for its playful approach, she also delves into taboo subjects such as trauma, abuse, and suicide. As an Indigenous artist, Sara seeks to create work that resonates as strongly for her community as it does for the art world.

Internationally, Sara has created work with Liu Chi (China), Wimme (Finland), and Lana Hansen (Greenland) among others. She is also the co-founder of DÁIDDADÁLLU, a Sámi indiginous contemporary art collective.

Often people ask me how they should define or look at my work: is it dance, is it a performance concert, theatre or what? In my opinion there is no need to define. Vástadus eana / The answer is land is its own.

Let yourself be carried away, feel and experience it!

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