Courtney Moses Orbin

Last updated: June 2, 2022

I am a set designer specializing in themes of societal decay and most recently reimagining traditional theatre works told from the perspective of charac-ters of color. I am a cis-gender Black woman of American heritage. I started my career as a costume design assistant for music videos and continued learning as an art department assistant on both film and television. I am an industry professional with dual degrees in both Film Production (Brooklyn College) and most recently, Scenography (Concordia University). A native from Brooklyn, New York; now residing in Montréal I worked for companies such as CBS, HGTV, and Paramount.  I enjoy designing for theatre because of its collaborative nature and intimate symbiotic relationship with community and my peers.  My journey led me to finding a family with Black Theatre Workshop and look forward to continuing that important relationship as the set designer for Black Theatre Workshop's "2022 AMP Ensemble", which premieres at the NAC in June of 2022. My pursuit in design is to offer an alternative to the European saturated constructs by elevating the Black gaze. Collaboration, sustainability, and genera-tive cultural reference are integral to my creative process. I relish the chance to support stories with a new and innovative visual representation. It is my core belief that we must continue to do the vital work of utilizing the arts as substantial catalysts for change.

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