ConcreteRose LaDon

Last updated: October 3, 2023

Hello, my name is ConcreteRose LaDon, I’m tough like concrete but also sweet like a good summer rose.

I'm a 29-year-old female artist from Canada's capitol Ottawa Ontario.

I've been surrounded by the arts my whole life, whether it be Visual, Dance, or music.  I even went to an arts school for my high school years where I excelled in dance.

unfortunately like a lot of people I have been through my good share of hard times, trauma and that's where I really tapped into my passion for music.

I started rapping 3 years ago, started free styling to beats driving around in my car, or at work, using it quite literally as my therapy and still do to this day.

my style is a mix of spoken word and storytelling I like to use examples from my life to reach people who might be going through similar things. - MY MOTTO is simply 

"I'm tryna heal minds, while emptying mine". 

some of my highlights are performing at various local shows, shows in toronto, being played on the radio CHUO ottawa, and in the states, I just recently opened for Dax, and Karl Wolf.

I am so grateful for any opportunities that come my way!

for all my information, socials and links to music platforms click on my link tree link.

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