October 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Clark Ferguson

Clark is a Saskatchewan-born artist and filmmaker living, working and creating in Québec. His work has traditionally been concerned with issues related to identity politics and place. His narrative works focus on aspects of regionalism and attempt to use humour as a method of investigating these subjects. His documentary works also focus on regionalism and he is intent on making those subjects both interesting and accessible for those within and outside those borders. His work has traveled to festivals such as Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, the Yellowknife International Film Festival, The Sudbury International Cinefest Film Festival, The EnRegard Court Metrage Film Festival, Winnipeg’s WNDX, Germany’s Open Air Weiterstadt Film Festival, and has had several short works presented on CBC’s National Independent film program Canadian Reflections. He’s worked most recently in documentary forms including web documentaries, webseries, and feature length projects.