Christophe Levac

Last updated: May 22, 2024

Quebec audiences discovered Christophe Levac on the small screen in the series L’échappée (2016–18), then in Les invisibles (2019), the Quebec adaptation of the French series Dix pour cent, directed by Alexis Durant-Brault. He has also appeared in several feature films, including Anne Émond’s Jeune Juliette (2019).

Concurrently, he submitted a feature film project to Telefilm Canada and became one of the youngest recipients of the “Talent to Watch” program. Thanks to this support, he and actor Étienne Galloy co-wrote and co-directed the feature La marina (2020), currently available on the Crave platform.

In 2023, Christophe completed his acting training at the National Theatre School of Canada, where he had several groundbreaking encounters that laid the foundations of his artistic identity and his love of acting.

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