Christ Habib | Krystal Villeneuve

Christ Habib

Christ Habib (born 1996) started playing classical guitar when he was six years old, and at 10 years old he was accepted at the Conservatory of Music in Gatineau. 

Christ has distinguished himself in many competitions, the most recent ones being the National Music Festival in Saskatoon where he won first place, and the music competition of Pierre-de-Saurel, where he won the first prize in classical guitar as well as the chamber music category with his guitar duo partner Félix Dallaire. He was also a finalist in international competitions such as the international competition of the Guitar Academy of Boston where he won the 3rd place and the international guitar competition at Domaine Forget in 2016 and 2019 where he received the 2nd place. 

As his career grows, he has made numerous video recordings and recently had his debut concert at the Montreal Place des Arts for the Mélodînes Concert Series (2020) and was recently named one of CBC’s Top 30 Classical Musicians Under 30. 

He recently finished his Master’s Degree in music with Patrick Roux at the Conservatory of Music in Gatineau where he received a prize in chamber music and graduated with honours.   

Christ plays on a 2017 traditional cedar top classical guitar made by Douglass Scott.