Charlotte L’Orage

Last updated: September 17, 2020

Much taken by matter of origin, Charlotte L’Orage draws circles to touch one of those place where the world might have begin, which isn’t as simple as she would have thought. In her performance Prologue, she risks a dialogue with the public in her dear projet of theatrical jams. For her, creation and birth are the same thing. We saw Charlotte in a few akward postures, where she searches for what will save us from wanting to save us. The earthbound makes her feel great. 

Established in Ottawa region for 5 years now, Charlotte still doesn’t know how to write a bio. Neither what theatre making really means. She tries anyway, with ways that provoke, and that she develops from projets to blackening of scenes, as well as with her small enterprise Creations Lunaires, where she, with people and businesses, helps find the soul back. Maybe together we will find a place to live. Either way, she’ll go there alone. 

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