Cecilia Vadala

Last updated: May 29, 2024

Born and raised in Italy, Cecilia Vadala has a background in Philosophy and Art History. A graduate of the MFA program in Theatre Design and Production from the University of British Columbia, Cecilia designs for stage and screen, focusing on the scenic design practice.

As a designer, Cecilia considers herself a visual storyteller. Her aesthetic is suggestive and evocative. In her work, the space is another character that evolves and tells a story on its own. As an artist, Cecilia explores the connections between emotions and materials, feelings, and textures, often introducing a sensorial component to her designs.

Selected theatre credits: Gertrude and Alice (Scenic Designer, 2024), Blue Stockings (Scenic Designer, 2023), Black and Rural (Scenic and Costume Designer, 2023), Echoes From Far Away Cities (Scenic Designer, 2023), Emilia (Scenic and Costume Designer, 2021), Anna Bella Eema (Scenic and Costume Designer, 2020), Timothy Findley’s The Wars (Scenic Designer, 2019), Hosanna (Scenic Designer, 2019).

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