Anett Tamm


Anett Tamm is a young musician, composer and arranger who is slowly stepping into the Estonian alternative pop music scene as a female producer and songwriter. Mostly a vocalist with a strong foundation in jazz performance and improvisation, she writes and produces music for her own jazz and funk fusion band Alfa Collective since 2017. Anett is also one half of the experimental vocal and bass duo TamTam and a vocalist in The Nonconceptual Art Club, a theatrical jazz and pop group. Anett is nominated for the 2021 "Young Jazz Talent" award in her home country and will be self-releasing her second album with her band Alfa Collective in the second half of the year. Besides being active in the jazz scene, Anett enjoys collaborating with fellow musicians from various scenes and exploring new genres. As a producer, Anett is currently working on projects involving Estonian artists ELLIP, Khris and Shira, producing mostly pop tunes with an RnB, soul and disco twist.