Artistic co-director

Andry Moro


Last updated: April 26, 2024

Andy Moro is the Artistic co-director of ARTICLE11 with Tara Beagan. Their work upholds the 11th Article of the UN’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Current/Recent Theatre: Rise Red River (ARTICLE 11 Theatre Cercle Moliere, PTE), The Last Epistle of Tightrope Time (Neptune/Tarragon/NAC), PISUWIN (Atlantic Ballet) Sleuth, Extractionist, Gaslight (Vertigo), NOMADA (Diana Lopez Soto) F WORD (Downstage,ATP) Ministry of Grace, Reckoning, ROOM, Declaration, Deer Woman (ARTICLE11), Little Women, Honour Beat (Theatre Calgary) Hookman (UofC/Chromatic) Post Mistress, Rez Sisters (RMTC), Unnatural & Accidental Women (NAC), Blackhorse (Caravan), The Herd (Citadel/Tarragon), Frozen River (MTYP), Third Colour, Spacegirl, War Being Waged (PTE), Ministry of Grace, Time Stands Still, O’Kosi (MT7), SkyDancers (Anowara Dance), Raven Mother (Dancers of Damelahamid), Finding Wolastoq Voice (TNB), Blood Water Earth, Blood Tides, The Mush Hole (Kahawi Dance Theatre).