October 22, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Andrea Peña & Artists

Andrea Peña & Artists is recognized for the creation of critical, alternative and spatial universes that rupture our notions of a sensible humanity. Interested in the depth of human individuality that breaches from a personal disposition as a bi-cultural artist, Peña’s approach is known for its difficult choreography as a highly intricate, vulnerable and somatic raw physicality that engages in deep encounters between the physical body and a highly conceptual research approach. With a background in industrial design her work borrows from visual art practices and spatial qualities of creative making, questioning the body as a material whom exists relationship to space and time.

Peña’s works invite a collective questioning of political and philosophical ideals as the starting points for the creative research. Choreographically the work searches for presence rather than performance, through a juxtaposition of complex ideas investigated in the physical potentials of the body as unusual states. Towards generating a physical language that embodies these states, revealing and communicating the  conceptual framework of the piece to the audience.