Ame Henderson



Last updated: August 20, 2019

Ame Henderson is a dance artist of settler ancestry living and working in Tkaronto/Toronto in the Dish with One Spoon Territory. With a practice that spans publication, performance and exhibition, her work activates dance and choreography to propose experiential modes of being together. Her works produced by Toronto collective Public Recordings include /Dance/Songs/ (2006), relay (2010) and what we are saying (2013).

Collaboration and co-authored projects form the core of a practice that enfolds diverse assemblies of people and organizations: The Most Together We’ve Ever Been (2009) and Out of Season (2015) were created with Croatian choreographer and performer Matija Ferlin and Room with Sticks (2013) was created with the choreographer Tedd Robinson and musician Charles Quevillon. For Toronto Dance Theatre, she created voyager (2014) with the songwriter Jennifer Castle and Noisy (2017) with musicians Robin Dann and Matt Smith.

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