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Alex Cameron

Last updated: June 21, 2023

Alex aka Cloud (she/her) is an actor, musician, and sound designer based in Toronto. An alumni of emerging artists' programs such as Nightwood Innovators, TENT, Crane Creations' Summer Ensemble, ACTRA Diversity’s inaugural A Different Lens, and Paprika Festival, she is excited to tell stories by seamlessly crossing the boundaries of creative disciplines and media forms. Alex is happy to be with AMP to explore how theatrical sound is a creative spark as fundamental as performance and dramaturgy. Credits as an actor include Lunchmates (ACTRA Diversity), Beginning the Middle With the End (UTM EDSS), Three Sisters (Tarragon YPU reading), Gay Mean Girls (KindaTV), and her solo-ish show Dreams (Toronto Fringe 2022), which was self-directed and sound designed. Sound design credits include House of Whale (Monologue Slam for Toronto Fringe 2023), Into the Woods (Dead Name Theatre), Wheel of the Year Walks (b current Performing Arts), BOOM! (Paprika Festival), and Hermaphroditus (Dead Name Theatre for Toronto Fringe 2023).

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