Théâtre français du CNA - saison 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 French Theatre Season!

Overview of the 2014-2015 French Theatre season.


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Véronique Guitard, creator

Participate in a Choir Project at the NAC


Because theatre is community, the French Theatre is looking for local people who would be interested in participating in a Slam Choir for Le Promenoir, directed by Christian Lapointe. This is for a 15-minute performance.

There will be 2 rehearsals per week until... Continue Reading
Le Théâtre français du CNA, partenaire de la création théâtrale

How does the NAC’s Théâtre français support artistic creation?

Brigitte Haentjens, the artistic director of the Théâtre français at the National Arts Centre, discusses the role of the NAC in creating new theatre works. 

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Theatre: A Shapeshifting Chameleon – A message from Mélanie Dumont

Children sometimes mix up theatre and cinema, particularly those attending a stage play for the first time. There is a chance that their little brows will furrow in confusion when they hear this strange announcement: “No, there will be no popcorn during the performance.” But children's... Continue Reading

Message from Artistic Director, Brigitte Haentjens

“The most essential element of theatre is transformation.” – Heiner Müller 

It has become difficult to publicly justify the necessity of art in our lives. Is art useful in terms of providing financial value? Can we quantify what it gives us, as... Continue Reading