Cliff Cardinal and Elizabeth Kantor

huff National Tour: A Creative Exploration of Hope

huff, from award-winning Aboriginal writer, actor and musician Cliff Cardinal, is wrenching yet darkly comic, a journey into a First Nation heart of darkness in a land called Ontario. A charismatic storyteller who combines ancestral history with brutal honesty and biting humour, Cliff Cardinal portrays dozens of... Continue Reading

Music Alive Program visit at Carry the Kettle First Nation

In children’s hands: Music Alive Program meets the music of R. Murray Schafer

Every year Calgary trumpeter Samantha Whelan Kotkas performs for about 1,100 schoolchildren who live mainly in rural Alberta. As a teaching musician for the National Arts Centre’s Continue Reading

Ce qui nous relie ? - Théâtre français du CNA

Ten youth occupy the stage with Ce qui nous relie ?

Ten local youth will occupy the stage on April 25 and 26. Come see this unique and exceptional project by authors Anne-Marie Guilmaine and Mélanie Dumont at the Ottawa Arts Court.

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FAR | Ravi Deepres

The UK’s Wayne McGregor | Random Dance dazzles with stunning visuals and extraordinary dancing

FAR: The UK’s Wayne McGregor | Random Dance dazzles with intellectual inquiry, stunning visuals, and extraordinary dancing

Dance wunderkind Wayne McGregor takes a fascinating creative journey, drawing on a radical cognitive research process. FAR is an abbreviation for “Flesh... Continue Reading

Damien Atkins, Pierre Brault in Beatrice & Virgil | Photo Joanna Akyol

Beatrice & Virgil: A Collaboration with Factory Theatre

When the 2014-15 English Theatre season was announced last month, Artistic Director Jillian Keiley and Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley highlighted the growth of The Collaborations, Continue Reading