Interview with Louise Lecavalier | Entrevue avec Louise Lecavalier

Under Pressure: Louise Lecavalier on her first self-choreographed work

I don’t have to worry about words. I have to act, dance, create movement. — Louise Lecavalier

Canada dance icon Louise Lecavalier talks about her first self-choreographed work, So Blue, and making the…

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Simone Deneau | Rémi Thériault

Simone Deneau: NAC Presents supports creative growth of emerging Canadian artists

For the past 18 months, NAC Presents Producer Simone Deneau has collaborated with artists, agents, presenters and producers all across the country to create the most ambitious and diverse NAC Presents season to…

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Jessica Linnebach

Unforgettable video: Jessica Linnebach onstage at the NAC as a 7 year old

Just check out the steely focus of Jessica Linnebach in this video of her 7 year-old self! In this archival video, Jessica Linnebach performs onstage at the National Arts Centre and wins the 1990 Canadian Music…

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Lancement du livre

Book launch: “Un regard qui te fracasse” by Brigitte Haentjens

Brigitte Haentjens, Artistic Director of the NAC French Theatre, publishes an exceptional book that reveals an artist at the heart of her creative process. She recounts her journey starting from theatre school…

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Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman.

NAC Gala: Pinchas, Itzhak and Friends

If you’re a fan of the violin, then run, don’t walk, to The NAC Gala with Pinchas, Itzhak & Friends, which will be held on Thursday, October 2 in Southam Hall. This is the 18th annual edition of this fabulous…

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