Message from the Artistic Director

When I was training to be a stage director, I took a number of classes in performance, design and production. At that time, one of my teachers gave me my best lesson: “See everything you can, more than once if you can.” From that time on I have been a theatre addict. Even in the short time since becoming English Theatre Artistic Director here at the NAC, I’ve seen hundreds of productions. If an actor, director or designer is making waves somewhere in Canada, it has become my passion to follow them and witness – sometimes from thousands of miles away – the impact they are making in their community. It is truly an incredible experience to behold the variety of great works and artists from across the country that eventually make up our season on the national stage. 

It is with my confessed compulsion and proud passion that I present to you the NAC English Theatre 2014-15 Ensemble, as well as the extraordinary visiting works that make up our 2014-15 Season. 

Associate Artistic Director Sarah Garton Stanley and I spent last year combing the Canadian theatre-scape to bring you this brave, political, funny and hot-blooded Ensemble, and these brave, political, funny and hot ticket productions. 

I hope you will join us for the depth and breadth of this season, and that you will bring with you your own great passion for great theatre.