NAC English Theatre

Jillian Keiley Artistic Director

Theatre for the people

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Upcoming Events

  • Whitehorse, YT

    Magnetic North

    NAC English Theatre is also the co-presenter of Canada's Magnetic North Theatre Festival, an annual explosion of performance, creation and learning that takes us to the Yukon in 2016.


    Siminovitch Prize

    The NAC is pleased to launch a new partnership with the Siminovitch Prize.

  • Research & development

    The Cycle

    The Cycle is a two-year research project that gathers practitioners around big ideas and engage with the concerns of our contemporary society in theatrical terms

  • Coming soon

    Tartuffe on Tour

    As part of Canada's 2017 sesquicentennial celebrations, we will be taking English Theatre's most popular recent production, Tartuffe by east-coast comedy genius Andy Jones, back from whence it came! 

  • Podcast

    Points of View

    Learn about NAC English Theatre productions through an encounter with NAC English Theatre and two special guests offering unique perspectives on the piece.

  • Research & Development

    A digital theatrical space where Canada, the Internet and performance minds connect.

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