Your National Moment

The National Arts Centre is an extraordinary place. But it’s also an idea – a galvanizing idea.

It’s the idea that by working together with artists and arts organizations in every part of the country, we can create a truly national stage for the performing arts in Canada.

Every year the NAC collaborates with thousands of artists and arts organizations across Canada, helping to create a national stage for the performing arts.

Celebrated author Margaret Atwood, Dancer and filmmaker Veronica Tennant and composer Alexina Louie (Toronto), dancer/choreographer Marie Chouinard (Montreal), comedian Rick Mercer and English Theatre Artistic Director Jillian Keiley (St. John’s), — these are a few of the extraordinary artists who have called the NAC home.

Here we share the story of some of Canada’s most creative artists, and demonstrate how their careers were nourished by the National Arts Centre. Each story is accompanied by a beautiful image, captured by celebrated photographer Shin Sugino.

At the National Arts Centre, Canada is our stage.