Meetings & Events at the National Arts Centre

Our catering business and administrative offices will be closed for the summer, from July 8 - September 23, 2016 due to architectural rejuvenation . We are excited about our newly renovated spaces and look forward to serving you soon!

Event Spaces


A glittering chandelier and dazzling skylight create an elegant atmosphere highly conducive to private dinners or pre-performance receptions.

Sq.ft: 1,750
Reception style: 150
Rounds of 8: 40-100
Theatre style: 150

Panorama Room

Your sense of awe will be thoroughly aroused as you climb the grand staircase to the Panorama Room. Overlooking the Main Lobby on one side, its other side opens up to a breathtaking view of the Rideau Canal.

Sq. ft: 4,900
Reception style: 400
Rounds of 8: 100-250
Theatre style: 400

Fountain Room

A two storey fountain ascends majestically through the floor of the reception area while the main room extends to a terrace overlooking the Rideau Canal.

Sq.ft: 2,600
Reception style: 250
Rounds of 8: 50-100
Theatre style: 170

Rooftop Terrace Tent

The dramatic, seasonal backdrop of Parliament Hill, the Gatineau Hills and the Rideau Canal ensures this attractive space will add more impact to your event and dazzle your guests.

Sq.ft: 6,900
Reception style:300-600
Rounds of 8: 150-350
Theatre style: 300-500

Jose's Lounge

This dynamic open-concept area is ideal for a morning or afternoon meeting and the room rental fee is always waived.

Capacity: 20-40