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17 janvier 2020

Inuit myths brought to life on the national stage

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As the lights dimmed in the Ottawa’s National Arts Centre theatre on Friday, Jan. 10, a woman’s voice began to speak softly in Inuktitut. Projected through speakers, her words floated through the audience. The voice took on an echo as stars began to illuminate the onstage video screen. In the background, the wind whistled and breaking ice cracked.

It was the start of an otherworldly performance. Over the next hour and a half, Unikkaaqtuat brought Inuit myths to life on the southern stage.

A blend of circus, theatre, music and video, Unikkaaqtuat moves through a series Inuit myths from across the Arctic. The show is a collaboration between the Igloolik circus collective Artcirq, Taqqut Productions and the Montreal circus collective Les 7 Doigts De La Main. The show premiered this past weekend.

Unikkaaqtuat’s story focuses on a young Inuk boy in a southern hospital. Scenes shift between myth and modern day as the boy listens to recorded stories passed on from his namesake grandfather.

Source: Nunatsiaq News

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