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25 septembre 2019

Dance Preview: Minowin by Dancers of Damelahamid at the NAC

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British Columbia’s Dancers of Damelahamid ventures to the National Arts Centre September 26th through 28th with their program Mînowin. The Indigenous dance company celebrates storytelling, dance, and tradition with a contemporary refiguring.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Margaret Grenier, Executive and Artistic Director of the company, and Andrew Grenier, Creative Producer, ahead of their show.

The company works to incorporate both traditional and contemporary aspects of dance. Margaret Grenier said, “our company is based out of Vancouver. The work that we do has a few different aspects to it. We develop and create dance productions. A very strong aspect of our work is focused on youth engagement and intergenerational practices.”

She also said that “narrative or story is a really foundational element to our dance form—through movement and narration. Through all of the regalia and visual design; the layering and the songs. When we create a piece we are working concurrently in all of those areas. Projection and visual design, as well. There is a lot of visual design in all of the pieces. We have graphic design on all of the regalia, our dance floor, and our backdrop.”

Source: Apartment 613

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