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21 mai 2019

After life: Old Trout Puppet Workshop tackle the ghosts in new opera

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Par Eric Volmers

Judd Palmer and his cohorts at The Old Trout Puppet Workshop always ask a preliminary question before setting out to design and produce a new show.

Why is this a puppet show?

Given that the Calgary company is one of the country’s most prominent puppet theatres, the answer could be painfully obvious. But Palmer says the Old Trouts have never looked for easy answers.

“The answer that we don’t find acceptable is: ‘Well, because we’re a puppet company, that’s what we do,’ ” says Palmer. “We always want it to be tied thematically into the piece. In other words, that question is the primary informer of the design direction, the way that we think about it. We always want to do it differently. No Old Trout show is identifiably similar in many ways to the previous one. Because we’re trying to reinvent it or reimagine it every time.”

Source: Calgary Herald 

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