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23 janvier 2020

Skyborn is a spiritual voyage for Quelemia Sparrow

En Anglais Seulement  A soul canoe is a sacred vessel that no one else but you can travel in. The sacred vessel is what transports your immortal soul through eternity on a universal river made of stars. It can also retrieve it when it wanders during times of sickness or healing.... Plus

20 janvier 2020

Quelemia Sparrow’s Skyborn: A Land Reclamation Odyssey is a spirit journey

En Anglais Seulement  Art leads, again. Politics, language, history: all play a part in playwright and actor Quelemia Sparrow’s Skyborn: A Land Recla­mation Odyssey, but this innovative interdisciplinary undertaking began with time for quiet reflection, dreaming, and the act of... Plus

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