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Ottawa songwriter Jamieson Mackay has been performing with Shadowhand since 2016.  They have shared the stage with Jennifer Castle, Helena Deland, Whoop-Szu, Ansley Simpson, Walrus, Legal Vertigo (w/ Basia Bulat), Abigail Lapell.

Described as the sound of leaving a party alone to walk to the store for cigarettes, sometimes alone, sometimes with as many as 5, the band is cast from the vanguard of Ottawa’s folk community.  Debut LP Through The Fog (2018) released on Record Centre Records explored spacious and hazy folk song, and spent 3 months on ear-shot! charts, hitting #1 on two Ottawa stations. 

A new album is currently in the works!

Owen Davies is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His most recent record Lollipop Pumpkinhead (2019) has been regarded by some as his "most fascinating yet", landing on various year-end lists and celebrated as the “year’s most convoluted and compulsively addictive record”.

video: Split live at St Albans
Split live at St Albans
Owen Davies