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PSY merges acrobatics of the body with acrobatics of the mind and soul.

For their fourth creation, Les 7 Doigts de la Main (also known as the 7 Fingers) delves into the rich and surreal underworld of the human psyche. PSY travels through a shifting landscape of distorted visions, fading dreams and fractured memories.

Insomnia, addiction, amnesia, paranoia, hypochondria. juggling, Chinese pole, German wheel, aerial rope, teeterboard. By juxtaposing these darker issues with the invigorating and life-affirming language of circus arts, PSY brings out the humour, beauty, and commonality of these various neuroses, all the while celebrating the power of the individual to surmount their ailments and self-imposed restrictions, finding moments of strength, courage and joy while flying through the air.

The Artists
Guillaume Biron
Mohamed Bouseta
Jean-Philippe Cuerrier
Danica Gagnon-Plamondon
Catherine Girard
Gisle Henriett
Nael Jammal
Olga Kosova
Florent Lestage
Tom Proneur-Orsini
Julien Silliau

video: 7 doigts de la main-PSY
7 doigts de la main-PSY