Free activities

New plays and original scripts in workshop productions!


  1. Parmi les éclats

    NAC Rehearsal Hall A

    When you miss someone terribly, when your reference points have been obliterated, when imprints in the rock reactivate your own scars, how do you figure out your place in the world? How can you reconstruct a shattered body, find meaning in constant chaos, overcome the pain of daily existence?

    • Written by

      Miriam Cusson, Robert Dickson, Brigitte...

    • Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario (Ontario)

  2. Play Free

    Dans le bleu

    NAC Rehearsal Hall A

    After more than sixteen years of navigating theatrical waters, and several sailing voyages on the Atlantic, Magali Lemèle has crafted a poetic, highly original stage piece that combines her two passions.

    • Written by

      Magali Lemèle

    • Production autonome (Québec)

  3. A/R_V

    Digital Creation Research Laboratory

    Glass Thorsteinson Staircase

    An exploration workshop of the virtual reality technology in NAC public spaces.


Arts Court Studio at 2:30 pm

  1. Les Allogènes

    Arts Court Studio

    Le Cercle Molière presents Les Allogènes, a project conceived by the company’s Artistic Director, Geneviève Pelletier, and Franco-Spanish director Ricardo Lopez Muñoz. This new work, sprung from the two artists’ meeting at the Carnets scéniques event at the 2013 Zones Théâtrales, explores the themes of departure, migration and travel. 

    • Text

      A writing collective

    • Cercle Molière (Manitoba)

  2. Crème-Glacée

    Arts Court Studio

    We welcome Théâtre la Seizième and Marie Farsi, a rising star on Vancouver’s directing scene, with her vision of Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon’s original text, Crème-Glacée. A unique opportunity to witness a fascinating creative process.

    • Written by

      Marie-Hélène Larose-Truchon

    • Directed by

      Marie Farsi

    • Théâtre La Seizième (British Columbia)

  3. Crow Bar

    Arts Court Studio

    In a small, isolated village near an unknown border, a newcomer disrupts the status quo when she decides to buy an old bar. Into the bizarre setting of this unusual place, the young woman arrives and tries to fit in. But not just anyone is welcome here, and she soon faces a terrible dilemma: whether to give life to the village, or death.

    • Written by

      Gabriel Robichaud

    • théâtre l’Escaouette (New Brunswick)

    • in coproduction with

      le Théâtre de la Vieille...

  4. Un quai entre deux mondes

    Arts Court Studio

    In this poetic, dreamlike thriller, a man and a woman gradually reveal their darker sides and their long-hidden secrets. Finding themselves together in an uncharted space, they begin to lose their bearings; and their world turns upside down when fear literally comes knocking at the door. 

    • Written and directed by

      Alain Doom

    • Théâtre la Tangente

    • Théâtre français de Toronto

  5. Fuir le corbeau

    Arts Court Studio

    Carl is afraid to sleep—his life turned upside down one night when he slept too long. In his taxidermy workshop, he’s finding it harder and harder to get things done, and the stuffed and mounted animals all around him seem on the verge of coming alive—as if Carl were gradually losing the ability to distinguish between dream and reality, life and death.

    • Written by

      Matthieu Girard

    • Directed by

      Maxime Robin

    • Production autonome (New Brunswick and...

  6. Murs

    Arts Court Studio

    Following an epidemic that has nearly wiped out an entire population, the survivors begin to wander in search of a better world. Snapshot of a world in turmoil, post-apocalyptic thriller, Murs considers what remains of our humanity after the downfall of civilization.

    • Written by

      Mishka Lavigne

    • Directed by

      Benoît Desjardins

    • Noble Théâtre des trous de...