February 12, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Noisy Neighbours - Episode 2

New neighbours just moved in with curious instruments. A Lutenist, an accordionist and a singer play to the rhythm of the other inhabitants : A few kids living alone in an exceptional skyscraper.


Musicians: Jan Van Outryve, Anne Niepold, Lieselot De Wilde
With: Marcel Vanmoerbeke, Roberta dos Santos Trudzinski, Doris Van Bavel, Otis Bellens, Rosie Emejuobi, Teddy Delany, Mion Hori
Original idea: Wouter Van Looy, Stijn Grupping & Ine Van Baelen
Directed by: Stijn Grupping & Ine Van Baelen
Produced by: Zonzo Compagnie avec le support de hetpaleis et la Ville d'Anvers