February 12, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Noisy Neighbours - Episode 1

Who are these curious musicians next door? For this group of children living ordinary lives in an extraordinary building, anything and everything can happen. As the night rolls in and the lights flicker, the brass band stirs, and the music quivers …


Musicians: HOP FROG Fanfare (Tim Coenen, Tijl Piryns, Glen De Jonghe, Loes Minnebo, Bert Bernaerts, Peppi Pepermans, Hanne De Backer, Koen Bollen, Mario Conjaerts)
With: Marcel Vanmoerbeke, Roberta dos Santos Trudzinski, Doris Van Bavel, Otis Bellens, Rosie Emejuobi, Teddy Delany, Mion Hori
Original idea: Wouter Van Looy, Stijn Grupping & Ine Van Baelen
Directed by: Stijn Grupping & Ine Van Baelen
Produce by: Zonzo Compagnie avec le support de hetpaleis et la Ville d'Anvers