May 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Capsule: The Importance of Art in the Time of Coronavirus

By Stephanie Graham

As artists we are struggling during this time as our life’s work has been deemed non-essential, but I would argue that art is, in fact, essential every single day to all of us.

Art creates empathy. Society needs empathy now more than ever. We must value art and the artists that create so everyone can build a better world.

I am so honoured to share this collaborative work with you.


Main Image (clockwise): Jarret Cody, Natasha Strilchuk, Alexandra Herzog, Isidora Kecman, Michael Derworiz, Colton Curtis, Hailey Lewis, Shakeil Rollock, Michele Shuster, Rohan Dhupar, Lyndsey Britten, David-Andrew Reid @Cameron Carver