June 30, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Capsule: dream & true north

By Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson / TAKE UP SPACE

dream & true north is a quartet for three dancers and one musician created for and through Zoom.

It draws on rhythms, forms and textures of touch, and more specifically, its absence, to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions that surfaces when the entire planet is plunged into uncertainty with no clear picture of the future.

Vocabulary inspired by lived experience works to investigate the continuous push and pull between living in fear and yearning for “normality”, and creates a heightened sense of reality that is brought to light through the performers’ relationships to each other and their environment.

Main Image: Lois Chan, Kathryn Patricia Cobbler, Sarah Hopkin, Mélissa Roy in dream & true north