April 8, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Fostering Musical Engagement for the Special Needs Community

The Music Circle

This guidebook and video series provides educators, musicians and administrators with guidelines and resources to develop or enhance music learning and concert opportunities for people with special needs.

Learn more about the Music Circle for your school or organization.

Download the Music Circle Guidebook for detailed instructions and resource information.

Musician Testimonial by Ben Glossop

Ben Glossop is an extra bassoon player with the National Arts Center Orchestra as well as bassoonist with the Kingston Symphony and the Ottawa Symphony. 

He has worked with the Lotus Centre for a number of years and describes it as a rewarding experience and a lot of fun.

Ben's advice for teaching music to people with special needs is the ability to to always say 'yes' in a situation with the children as the best place to start.